My plastic construction is developed through reading large cities as urban clusters and from their seductive power. Vertical and horizontal realms support the transparency of windowpanes that are transfigured into constant reflexes. Winding streets and avenues crowded by passersby in veritable human blocks spawning life onto the inert concrete.

Frenzied people eternally on the go, heading wherever the colorful advertisements tell them to: “Straight ahead”, “Turn left”, or “Welcome”. Large walkways boast luminous shop windows populated with silent mannequins displaying permanent offers. The city is a swirl of images that distort as they reflect and create splendid shapes of fleeting colors composing light and shade in attractive contrast.

Duality is present in flowers that open up, in doors that slide, as they signal the operating technology that man uses without constrains.

It is pure movement, filled with attractions where everything passes through the curious retina that captures the shapes and reconstructs them; it is a temple of permanent worshiping so that human beings might exercise their cult to evolution. This vast material is alchemical in the sense that it transforms itself into convincing pictorial image and permits its representation in the realm of art. My painting is not intended to portray urban reality as it is in its fullness but rather to take hold of these signs as plastic vocabulary that will build the narrative.

The images I present are the extract of a shape as they synthesize an imaginary anatomy associated to the reflexes, just as geometry is indicative of architectural planes lending themselves to the malleability of colors that tint the atmosphere of large urban centers composing the poetry that radiates therefrom.

Sebastião Rodrigues
  Plastic Artist
     Jun 2006