Yes, I am a painter!

I'm absolutely loyal to this extraordinary form of art expression, Painting, in its pure state, “detoxed” of vain definitions, or concepts and analyses that intend to control it or exhaust it.

Sublime resides in painting, like a rough diamond claiming for the revealing work of cutting that will change it into a precious glittering jewel.

In painting, the silence of ideas is overwhelmed with matter, thus becoming representation. Art and artist establish the inaudible dialog of creation, populating the apparent emptiness, compounding it with lines and rhythms, constant impulses vivified by the energy of color and the celebration of light, which reveals everything.

Practicing it is a full-time job, dedication that cannot be translated into words. Painting is a never-ending source, a generous and fertile field, full of possibilities for experimenting and developing technical refinement.

My preferred endeavors take place in the field of anatomy, inspirer of geniuses who have delved into it with nearly divine masterfulness, such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Rembrandt, among other.

Anatomic sketches and composition lines reveal surprising shapes of reality that I do not deny; I rather transform them eventually into meshes of matter and color, in adapted dynamics. This aesthetic exercise allows me to interfere by creating new plasticity, without seeking organicity.

For the time being, this is the labor that entertains me. Obviously, time may guide me through new routes, but always led by painting.

Sebastião Rodrigues
   Artista Plástico
     Aug 2011